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Seminar List
0513F10 / Pf. 김원희 / Control method for autonomous lane keeping/change system
0504W15 / Pf. Shinji Hara / Glocal (Global/Local) Controller Synthesis for Hierarchical Dynamical Systems
0429F11 / Pf. 권욱현 / Past and Future of Research Center (ERC-ACI)
0422F15 / Dr. 심영보 / Mechatronics for Robotics: Technological Trends on High-Efficient Actuation
0422F11 / 구종회 / BattTracker: Enabling Energy Awareness for Smartphone Using Li-ion Battery Characteristics
0325F11 / Pf.김홍근 / Synchronization of nonlinear oscillators defined over dynamical links and its application to electrical networks
0319F14 / Pf. Tsz-Chiu Au / Autonomous Traffic Management: Transportation Systems for the Future
0304F11 / Pf. 문준 / Control and Estimation with Limited Information: A Game-Theoretic Approach
0212F11 / Pf. 송화창 / Load Frequency Control


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