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0513F10 / Pf. 김원희 / Control method for autonomous lane keeping/change system
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Control method for autonomous lane keeping/change system

김원희 (교수, 중앙대학교 에너지시스템공학부)

May. 13 (Fri) 10:00 / Building 133 Room 316-1


In this seminar, I will talk about control method for autonomous lane keeping/change system. The autonomous lane keeping/change control consists of the lateral control, the lane detection failure compensation, and the electric power steering (EPS) system control. The multi-rate lane-keeping control scheme is proposed to improve the lane-keeping performance and to reduce the ripple in the yaw rate. To improve the lane-keeping performance on a curved road, the integral of the lateral offset error is added to the state feedback controller. A multi-rate Kalman filter (KF) has been developed to resolve the problems caused by slow lane detection due to the vision processing system. This multi-rate KF estimates vehicle states at a fast rate using a microprocessor. I propose a virtual lane prediction method that compensates for the momentary failure of lane detection from unexpected problems. If the camera sensor momentarily fails while obtaining lane information, the predicted virtual lane can be substituted for the lane detection using the camera sensor in the proposed control scheme. I propose a torque overlay-based robust steering wheel angle control method of EPS for a lane-keeping system of automated vehicles. The proposed method consists of an augmented observer and a nonlinear damping controller to guarantee the semi-global uniform ultimate boundedness of the steering wheel angle tracking error using only steering wheel angle feedback.


Hanyang University, 2012. 2 Ph.D. in Department of Electrical Engineering (Systems Control)
Hanyang University, 2005. 2 M.S. in Division of Electrical and Computer Engineering (Systems Control)
Hanyang University, 2003. 2 B.S. in Division of Electrical and Computer Engineering

[Work Experience]
Assistant Professor in School of Energy Systems Engineering, Chung-Ang University  2016.3 ~ Present
Assistant Professor in Department of Electrical Engineering, Dong-A University  2014.3 ~ 2016.2
Visiting Scholar in Mechanical Engineering Department, University of California, Berkeley 2013.5 ~ 2014.2
Postdoctoral Researcher in Institute of Nano Science & Technology, Systems and Control Laboratory, Hanyang University  2013.3 ~ 2014.2
Principal Researcher in R&D Center, Electric Vehicle Motor Drive Development Team, Hyosung Power & Industrial Systems  2012.3 ~ 2013.2
Engineer in The Research Institute of Industrial Science, Systems and Control Laboratory, Hanyang University 2008.3 ~ 2009.2
Engineer in Telecommunication Network Business, STB H/W Design Team, Samsung Electronics 2005.3 ~ 2008.2






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