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0812F11 / Pf. 장혁준 / Design of vehicle stability control system for controllability optimization
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  • Date2016-10-20 11:23:36
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Design of vehicle stability control system for controllability optimization

장혁준 (Assistant Prof. 국민대학교 전자공학부)

Aug. 12 (Fri) 11:00 / Building 133 Room 316-1


In this talk we discuss a new control method for vehicle lateral dynamics using vehicle yaw moment. To this end we employ the dynamic model introduced by Ulsoy et al., 2012 and we develop a control technique based on a controllability measure, minimum singular value. This measure is obtained from singular value decomposition of the controllability matrix of the linear dynamic system model. The applicability of the control method is examined with simulation studies. The proposed control law is suitable for the modern digital control system due to the reasonable load of linear algebraic computations and the recent developments of high performance micro-controller, such as DSP. To the best knowledge of the authors the work presented in this talk is the first research result of the application of singular value decomposition and minimum singular value to vehicle stability control system design.


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서울대학교 전기공학 및 컴퓨터 과학 석사 (2004.02)
서울대학교 전기 공학 학사 (1998.02)

[Work Experience]
국민대학교, 전자정보통신대학, 전자공학부 조교수 (2013.03. ~ )
임페리얼 칼리지 런던, 프로세스 시스템 공학 연구소 박사후 연구원 (2011.12. ~ 2013.12)
CNRS, 통신 및 인공지능연구소 (프랑스, 낭뜨) (2011.09. ~ 2011.12)
보스턴 대학교, 기계공학과 박사후 연구원 (2010.10. ~ 2011.05)
임페리얼 칼리지 런던, 전기 및 전자공학과 박사후 연구원(2009.05 ~ 2010.10)
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이오테크닉스, 하드웨어설계팀 대리(1998.02 ~ 2002.11)



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