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Seminar List
1021F11 / Pf. Toru Namerikawa / Distributed Dynamic Pricing in Electricity Market
1014F15 / Pf. 김홍근 / Prediction and Design of Future Carrier: Academy and Job Market
0929T14 / Pf. Stevan Dubljevic / Advanced process control and analysis of Czochralski and Bridgman crystal growth method
0822M10 / Dr. 이수민 / A Tutorial on First Order Distributed Optimization Methods
0812F11 / Pf. 장혁준 / Design of vehicle stability control system for controllability optimization
0624F11 / Dr. Youngjun Joo / Cooperative control of heterogeneous multi-agent systems in sampled-data setting
0622W14 / Jagat Jyoti Rath / Sliding Mode Estimation and Control: Applications to Vehicular Systems
0603F15 / Nak-seung Patrick Hyun / Safe path planning in polynomial space using root locus principle
0527F11 / Pf. Chung Choo Chung / Automatic lane change system on highway
0520F11 / Pf. 백주훈 / Overview of Disturbance Observation Techniques for Linear and Nonlinear Systems


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