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0622W14 / Jagat Jyoti Rath / Sliding Mode Estimation and Control: Applications to Vehicular Systems
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  • Date2016-06-16 15:47:30
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Sliding Mode Estimation and Control: Applications to Vehicular Systems

Jagat Jyoti Rath (Ph.D candidate, Kyungpook National University)

Jun. 22 (Wed) 14:00 / Building 133 Room 316-1


The rapidly evolving automation levels for vehicles necessitates the incorporation of robust observers and controllers for ease of operation. We discuss the utility of Sliding mode observers/controllers as  a robust approach for some problems associated with vehicles. First, a novel modified super algorithm (STA) based observer for estimation of the road tire friction affecting nonlinear longitudinal vehicle dynamics is considered. Then, the estimation of tire friction, road elevation and engine friction for the nonlinear integrated longitudinal-vertical dynamics is discussed out using a novel HOSM observer. Continuing we design a HOSM controller for the active control of the vertical motion employing hydraulic actuators in the suspension system. Consequently a novel adaptive HOSM observer is discussed to estimate the road elevation and rollover status for the multi-DOF rollover vehicle motion in presence of nonlinearities and uncertainties. The HOSM observers/ controllers developed for each phase are robust to parametric uncertainties, sensor noise and ensure finite time stability. The performance of each observer/ controller is analyzed using simulations in the high  delity vehicle simulation package CarSim for Class D/E sedan vehicle parameters for various driving scenarios such as acceleration/ deceleration at set speed, double lane change, driving on a circular path etc. Future work aspects for design of Global Chassis Controllers, integrating the longitudinal vertical vehicular motion is subsequently discussed.


  • Ph. D, Kyungpook National University, August 2016
  • M. Tech, Academy of Scientific Industrial Research, India, August 2012
  • B. Tech, Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, India, August 2010





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