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0624F11 / Dr. Youngjun Joo / Cooperative control of heterogeneous multi-agent systems in sampled-data setting
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  • Date2016-06-20 11:46:48
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Cooperative control of heterogeneous multi-agent systems in sampled-data setting

Young-Jun Joo (Post-doc, University of Central Florida, USA)

Jun. 24 (Fri) 11:00 / Building 133 Room 316-1


This seminar deals with the cooperative control problem of networked heterogeneous input-output passivity short multi-agent systems in the sampled-data setting. The dynamics of each system is continuous, whereas the exchange of information on the communication network is operated in discrete time manner. Thus, the analysis and design of cooperative control are transformed into those of discretized systems with the zero-order hold and ideal sampler. Based on the concept of passivity short, the design of distributed static output feedback control for achieving output consensus is proposed. In particular, compared with the concept of passivity, it is shown that the concept of passivity short extends the systems under consideration to the higher relative degree and/or nonminimum phase and that it allows the design of distributed controller by quantifying the impact of each system on the network operation. Furthermore, the properties of passivity short are discussed both in the continuous and discrete time domain, and conditions for preserving passivity short through discretization are presented.





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