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1st director (1991 ~ 2008)

Wook Hyun Kwon

Professor (retired), Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, SNU
Chair Professor, DGIST

Building 133 Room 301
Tel: +82 2 885 3930

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1972-1975 Ph.D. Brown Univ., Providence, RI, U.S.A.
1969-1971 M.S. Seoul National Univ. Seoul, Korea
1962-1966 B.S Seoul National Univ. Seoul, Korea


Professional Experiences


2010-present Chair professor of DGIST
2008-Present Professor Emeritus in School of Electrical Engr. SNU
1977-2008 Professor in School of Electrical Engr. SNU
1980-1981 Visiting Assistant Professor in Stanford Univ. in U.S.A
1976-1977 Adjunct Assistant Professor in Univ. of Iowa
1975-1976 Research Associate in Brown Univ.

University Management

2015-Present Member of SNU Engineering Education and Research Foundation
2003-2005 Chairman and Vice-Chairman of SNU Senate
2001-2002 Member of Academy Personnel Committee, SNU
1999-2001 Member of Academy Planning Committee, SNU
1996-1998 Dean of School of Electrical Engr., SNU
1992-1996 Director of the Automation and Systems Research Institute
1991-2008 Founding Director of the Engineering Research Center for Advanced Control and Instrumentation, SNU
1990-1993 Associate Dean of Research of College of Engineering of SNU

Domestic Academic Society

2015-Present Member of Science Advisory Board of Institute of Basic Sciences (IBS)
2010-2013 Chair of Member Selection Committee of Academy of Science and Technology (KAST)
2007-2010 Vice President of Korea Academy of Science and Technology (KAST)
2002-2006 Vice-President of National Academy of Engineering, Korea(NAEK)
2000-2001 President of the Korea Institute of Electrical Engineers (KIEE)

International Academic Society

2008-Present Advisor of IFAC
2005-2008 President of International Federation of Automation Control (IFAC)
2002-2005 President-Elect of IFAC
1999-2000 President of Asian Control Professors’ Association (ACPA)
1997-1999 Chairman of Technical Committee on Algorithm and Architecture of Real Time Control (AARTC), IFAC

Public and Industrial Service

2007-2015 Board member of Pohang University of Science and Technology
2002-Present Board member of LS Industrial Electronics, Inc and then LS Holdings
2001-2009 Chairman of Electricity Policy Committee of Ministry of Trade and Industry of Korean Government
1998-2002 Member of G7 Research Committee of Ministry of Science and Technology of Korean Government
1998-2000 Member of University Committee of Ministry of Education of Korean Government


Awards and Honors

2015 Achievement Award, Engineering College, Seoul National University
2014 Contribution Award, Korean Academy of Science and Technology (KAST)*
2007 Korean Highest Scientist and Engineer Award(Award money:250,000 US dollars)
2003 Brown University Engineering Alumni Medal (BEAM) Award
1997 Korean Academy of Science (KAS) Award*
2010 Fellow of International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC)
2000 Fellow of the World Academy of Sciences (TWAS)
1999 Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
1998 Fellow of Korean Academy of Science and Technology (KAST)*
1995 Fellow of the National Academy of Engineering of Korea (NAEK)*
*In Korea, there are three academies, KAS, KAST, NAEK.


Technical Papers

International SCI Journal papers 151 papers
International Conference papers 260 papers


Student Supervision

Ph.D 55 Students
M.S. 114 Students


Book Publication

  • W. H. Kwon, S. Han, "Receding Horizon Control: Model Predictive Control for State Models" Springer 2005
    (This provides a comprehensive overlook for receding controls for state space systems. Google citations 374 as of December, 2015.)
  • Korean Book About 10 books are authored by Professor Kwon in areas of control and its applications. These are not listed here.



24 Domestic patents are registered


Start-up Companies founded by Graduate Students

  • Humax (1997,, Digital set-top boxes.)
  • Woorigisool (2000, Distributed controllers)
  • Finedigital (2000, Telemetries)
  • Topfield (2003, Video recording systems)
  • Vatech (2006, Dental x-ray systems)
  • Superima (2008, Bio metrics)
  • Piolink (2013, Networking equipments)
  • Above companies have registered in KOSDAQ already. Three more start-up companies were founded.



Professor Kwon has made 120 contracts from industries and various funding agencies.
The total amount of project money is very large. The list will not be given here.


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